How You Can Sync An Android Phone To A PC

Woman with an Android phoneMost people store a lot of important data on their phones. People have their phones with them all the time. They use them to take pictures, send emails, and so much more. While this can be a good thing, it can also have consequences. If something happens to the phone, you could wind up losing all of that data.

That’s why you should learn how to sync an Android phone to a PC. If your phone and PC are synced, you’ll be able to backup all of that important data.

Back-Up Your Data Manually

The easiest way to sync up an Android phone to a PC is to do it manually. Find a USB cable that can be used with your phone. Once you’ve found the appropriate cable, you should use it to connect your phone to your computer.

For more information on how to backup your Android phone, read this article.

Once you do that, you can backup all of your data. You’ll be able to store things like pictures and video files in a folder. If something does happen to your phone, you’ll still have a lot of that old data backed up and ready to use. For more storage options find out what Android has to say.

Find A Syncing Tool

If you would like your phone and your PC to sync up automatically, you’re going to need to install the right kind of tool on your phone. Thankfully, there are a number of tools that can do this. You should be able to find the kind of tool you are looking for in the app store.

If you’re not sure what to search for, you may want to try using terms like “sync manager” or “syncing tool.” You should see a number of results when you use terms like this.

How To Choose The Right Syncing Tool

Obviously, you’re going to want to be careful when using a syncing tool. You’ll want to make sure that any tool you use and install is completely legitimate.

You should spend some time looking at user reviews before you download and install any tool. Make sure that the majority of tools are positive. If there are a lot of rave reviews for a syncing tool, then it is safe to say that the tool works very well.

Set Everything Up Properly

Simply installing a tool won’t be enough. If you want to make sure that everything is synced, you’ll have to take the time to get everything set up. If the tool is set up properly, then things will be saved and stored on a regular basis.

You may have some options regarding what is saved from your phone. If you don’t want to save your SMS messages, you don’t have to. You can control what is synced up and what isn’t.

It isn’t too difficult to sync an Android phone to a PC. You should be able to do it without much of a problem. Try using some of the methods and tips that are outlined above. They should help you to get all of your data backed up.

For a step by step guide, follow the video below:

Office 365 VS Google Docs: Which Is Better For Your Business?

a person using an ipadFor years, Microsoft Office has been the standard word processor. It’s what most companies use for word processing and other functions. In recent years, however, one of their competitors has started to gain a lot of traction. Google Docs has received some very positive attention.

If you’re trying to decide which software is best for your business, here are a few things you should consider.

Google Docs Offers A Lot Of Flexibility

If you decide that you want to use Office, you’ll have to use it on devices with a Microsoft operating system. If you want to use it on a Mac or a Chromebook, you’ll be out of luck.

In contrast, Google Docs offers plenty of flexibility. You can use it on all kinds of devices. It’s even compatible with mobile devices. You won’t be locked into using a specific operating system or device. You’ll have plenty of different options available to you.

Office 365 Offers Lots Of Functionality

Office 365 is much more than a word processor. It offers other types of functionality as well. If you use this software, you’ll be able to do all kinds of things with it.

Whether you want to create spreadsheets in Excel or create an invoice template, Office 365 will allow you to do everything that you need to do. If you’re looking for software that covers a lot of ground, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to Office 365. It’s something that every business can use effectively.

Office 365 Can Be Expensive

One of the biggest downsides to Office 365 is the cost. If you want everyone at your company to be able to use this software suite, you’re going to have to pay quite a bit. This is Microsoft’s premiere software suite, and the pricing isn’t necessarily cheap.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to pay for Office 365. You could pay a one-time fee, or you could look for some sort of subscription service. You should be able to find a way to fit the price of this software into your budget.

Google Docs Offers Fewer Options

A lot of people love how easy Google Docs is to use. However, if you’re expecting to get the same kind of experience you get with Office 365, you may be disappointed. Google Docs offers far fewer options than 365 does.

This doesn’t mean that Google Docs isn’t functional software; you can actually do a lot with it. With that stated, it might seem limited if you are used to Office 365. Switching over to Google Docs may be a bit of an adjustment.

If you’re interested in Google Docs but aren’t sure you want to commit to it, why not give it a try? You can use it without paying anything.

There are pros and cons to both Office 365 and Google Docs. Both programs have a lot to offer, but both programs have a few drawbacks. Take everything into consideration and make the right choice for your business.

If you’re still not sure which would be the best option for you to use for your business then take a look at this great video from TechQuarters.

See our article on syncing Android to PC here.

Tips For Setting Up Your Business Website

a laptopAre you currently creating a website for your business? If you are, you’ll want to make sure you handle things appropriately.

There are a number of things you’ll want to consider. Follow these tips for setting up a business website, and you should be able to get your new site off to a strong start.

Our Top Tips For Setting Up Your Website Effectively

It’s Important To Have A Clear Goal

Before you launch your business website, you’ll want to think about what your goals are. Are you trying to attract customers? Do you want to provide people with vital information?

If you have a goal for your site, you’ll be able to work hard and meet this aim. If you are aimless, your site may wind up floundering.

Professionalism Is Crucial

Your site is going to be a reflection of your business. Nothing about the site should feel amateurish. Having a professional and polished site is important.

If you don’t have the skills or experience necessary to design a professional looking site then instead of creating one yourself, you should work with a web designer. This will give your site a more polished look. If your site has a professional design, people will be able to see that you take your site seriously.

Keep Things Simple

Intricate designs can look appealing, but they’re not the best choice for business websites. People should be able to navigate your site with ease. The more complicated the design is, the more issues people will have. If this is the case, then they are more likely to leave without contacting you or buying what you have to offer. Simple designs are also the right choice for mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly

This is a very important point. People should be able to browse your website on their tablet or their phone. Google has reported that nearly 60% of users now search for businesses and services online from a mobile device (read more here). This is a staggering number, which is only set to increase as time goes on. With convenience at your fingertips, it makes sense that most people are choosing this method for searching online.

Furthermore, since Google is all about the user experience and wants to show the absolute best websites to it’s searchers at the top of the SERPS, Google now gives ranking priority to websites that are mobile optimised. This means that if your website is not mobile friendly then it may not rank as well as your competitors websites.

Prioritise SEO

A significant portion of your site’s traffic should come from search engines. You should make sure your site is properly optimised for search engines.

Include keywords in all of your content, image tags, and metadata. Work to create a fast-loading site with a low bounce rate. If you prioritise SEO, you’ll be able to get plenty of traffic.

Be careful not to overdo it and stuff your keywords into your content and page titles; this will only hurt you. Instead, start off by using your main keyword in your page title and inner url and mention variations of the keyword where it is appropriate to do so within the content.

Create Calls To Action

Throughout your site, you should include calls to action. Encourage people to do something. You can ask them to call your business, provide their email, or even make a purchase. Sometimes, people won’t take action unless they’re invited to.

Setting up a business website can take time. This site is worth putting extra effort into. Your site will help your business to grow. If you set up the site correctly, you’ll be able to see some positive results.

Here are ten ways to use a call to action on your site to help improve your conversion rates.

Besides setting up your website, you will also want to consider what business software to use in order to run your day to day operations. We have a great article about two of the top business software applications on the market today. Be sure to also check out our article on Office 365 vs Google Docs here.

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