Can you predict a Relationship with Astrology?

a couple falling in love under the starsOne question we get fairly often is, “Can astrology really predict a relationship and help you to find love?” While we are not professional astrologers, we do believe that there certainly are uncanny coincidences that astrology seems to be able to predict when it comes to one’s relationship. Therefore, we are of the opinion that there may indeed be some truth to the whole thing. As such, we decided to do a little research and report back with an article for our readers.

Astrology & Relationships

Finding a partner to get along with and maybe fall in love is sometimes a trying experience, let alone a long-term relationship and then marriage. But both of these experiences seem to be possible with a qualified reading from your birth or natal chart. Of course, you have a free will and can decide if you really want to walk down the aisle, but to do this you have to be completely honest with yourself. However, if you do then an astrologer will give you some pointers to make the right decision in finding that life-long kindred spirit.

I will do my best here to explain to an astrological novice (as one to another) the basics of a natal chart and how it can help in the quest for love. As a person progresses through life, each event has a place in the natal chart. Romance and falling in love come under the roof of the fifth house in your birth chart, where there may or may not be planets present, but this is of no concern. It is the planets in the current sky that if triggered in a positive way indicate that love is in the air for you.

Getting Started With Synastry

The first part of the discovery process is obtaining an understanding of how your birth star sign interacts with another and appreciating how each star sign is predominantly ruled by a certain planet. For instance, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Virgo by Mercury, Cancer by the Moon, Leo by the Sun, Libra by Venus, Taurus is ruled by Venus, Sagittarius by Jupiter, Capricorn by Saturn, Pisces by Neptune, Aries by Mars and finally Aquarius by Uranus.

Now you know which planet is your ruling factor in conjunction with your star sign it needs to be read within the walls of your fifth house. A positive aspect is created called either a sextile, conjunction or grand trine when three interactions occur, which will indicate the presence of romance and the likelihood of a union of love.

To give you an example and to help you further understand how this all works, I will act as a guinea pig, to the movements of my chart. My birth sign is Leo which is the cusp of the fifth house and is ruled by the Sun. The first house of my chart contains my Sun in Taurus. I, therefore, know that I am in a positive love cycle whenever the Sun in Taurus is connecting with other planets like Neptune, Pluto, or Saturn. Now, as I have Taurus in my chart then I may be more attracted to Taurean guys, or Taurus men may also be more attracted to me. However, this also does depend upon what the guy has in his chart. You can get more information on Taurus men hereĀ

The reason why we should only consider outer planets is because the movement of inner planets is too swift to matter when making major decisions regarding relationships. Anything regarding major events in your life must be in conjunction with your ruling planet and how it is interacting with the slower moving planets. Therefore, it is very important not to only look at one or two aspects of your chart, but to consider the natal chart as a whole. Not doing this is bound to result in inaccurate readings and maybe even heartbreak.

The most constructive way to predict the future regarding love or a special relationship is to look back into the past of your natal chart and plot the events as they occurred and how the planetary set up affected the outcome of those events. Doing this will give you the insight you need in order to see what caused the positive aspects in your relationship as well as the negative ones. Having this information will help you to become better at predicting events in the future and avoiding disaster.

Here in this video, Joni Patry gives an excellent example of astrology predicting a relationship and marriage.