Five Ways To Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship

a man and a woman cuddling and being romantic in a relationshipIf you’ve been hearing all too much from people around you and in the media that true romance doesn’t last, you may have by now started to believe this. Sadly, for many, this is true. However, it doesn’t actually need to be like this. With the right help, guidance and care and attention you can help to bring the romance back into your life.

This seems to be a very common belief for many when it comes to love in the 21st century. Many people face struggling relationships doomed to the manotony of a boring and unfulfilling connection. The question is, how do you avoid losing a long-term partner and landing up in this love limbo? Well, we really wouldn’t be much of a relationship blog if we didn’t cover this topic, so here are five different ways you, as a woman, can bring romance back into your relationship.

Five Great Ways Bring The Romance Back

Be Attentive To One Another

The best method of reigniting the relationship is to pay more attention to your husband or boyfriend. This does not mean you should go to a special dinner, but rather pay attention to their needs and avoid only talking about topics like work or children. Reconnecting is important, and giving your partner attention is a great way to start moving towards that reconnection.

Understanding what your man wants from the relationship is an important place to start. However, you also need to be clear on what you want to. Once you have this clarity the two of you should be able to find a way to meet in the middle to make a more harmonious relationship between the two of you.

Get Flirting Girl!

Contrary to popular belief, flirting is not only for single people looking to hook up with another person. Flirting is, in fact, a highly important part of any romantic relationship because it can promote sexual interest between you and your partner.

You want to know that your partner still finds you attractive, and this is the best way of doing so. Besides, a sexy smile here and there, an ambiguous sexy gesture or a hand on the knee can make them feel desirable and may lead to a romp in the bedroom – always welcome!

For more tips and ideas about how to flirt with a long-term partner, see this article in

Have Plenty of Sex

A common complaint from couples in long-term relationships is the waning sex life. Regardless of the reasons why the sexual aspect of the relationship has faded (kids, work, whatever); the fact is that a sex life is important and needs to be maintained. One of the best ways to bring romance back into your life is increasing the amount of sex being had. This doesn’t mean you need to ‘do it’ constantly, but more would be beneficial. Also, sex releases endorphins, so you will be happier on an overall level.

There are many things you can bring into your sex life with your partner to spark that flame of romance again. If you’re wanting some specific ideas then here is a great article with some fantastic tips.

Plan Date Nights

Have you heard of ‘date night‘? It may seem corny, and something only older couples do when desperate; however, planning dates can be useful if you have a busy schedule.

When you first met your partner, the chances are you used to enjoy dates so why did that end? Planning a fun evening out will allow you to connect and get to know each other again bringing romance back into the relationship.

Surprise One Another

The final way to bring romance into a relationship is by surprising each other. A little surprise now and then shows that you are thinking of your partner and willing to make an effort on their behalf. This does not mean you must plan a full weekend away, cooking their favorite meal or buying them a pair of socks can be a fun form of attention.

Over time it is the little gestures that add up and really show the other person that you care. Take the time to think of new and interesting ways to do something nice for your partner. The internet is also full of great ideas that you can do to make your partner feel special and wanted.

If you are still needing some more ideas then here are some extra tips you can use in the video below.