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A Guide To Building A Happy Relationship With Your Partner

a couple giving each other a hugAll people, no matter who they are,  yearn for love and to be appreciated by their significant other. It is a primary and basic human need that we need love and affection in order to thrive and live a happy, healthy and more meaningful life. For instance, there is now a lot of evidence that suggests that people who are in love are actually physically and mentally more healthy, according to this article. However, for the romantic relationship to be a successful one, it is important that both parties are fully involved in supporting each other and nurturing the relationship now and down through the years.

Unlike couples in the silly reality TV shows or in the romance novels, a happy relationship does not happen just like that, it requires work on both parts in order for it to be fruitful and successful. People need to devote themselves to the relationship and make an effort to overcome any challenges that may be experienced. This article will act as a guide on how to build a happy, healthy and more fulfilling relationship for you and your partner over the long-term.

Spend Time With Your Partner

The first step to building a happy romantic relationship is creating and spending good, quality time together. Unfortunately, long-term romantic couples will often take each other for granted as time passes and not spend much time together due to busy schedules. This is very sad as the couple can then start to easily drift apart over time, although they remain together for the kids, for security or just because they don’t know what else to do.

To show that you are still interested in each other, it is vital that you make plans to spend evenings or weekends together and reconnect improving the strength of your bond. Removing busy schedules and paying attention to your partner can do wonders to show a renewed level of commitment to each other and to the relationship.

Just Be Yourself

This may sound like an obvious statement, but one of the best ways to build a happy relationship with a partner is to be you around that person. The majority of romantic relationships that fail are ones where people are attempting to please the other person and act in a ‘false‘ way. You cannot keep up a pretence forever, and the sooner the person notices your true character, the easier it will be to deal with relationship issues. Furthermore, being yourself will bring a sense of confidence and calm into the relationship allowing you to focus on the romance side of things.

a couple connecting in the park

Talk About Disagreements

Misunderstandings are common in all types of relationships, and they are, oddly enough, what keeps a relationship healthy. Of course, it is only healthy if you speak to each other about the misunderstanding and respect each other’s differences in the situation.

Do not expect your partner to agree with you on all issues but be committed to listening to their opinion and see things from their point of view. This will help your partner feel valued, loved and respected; which will, in turn, result in a feeling of mutual respect for you too. Romantic relationships are happier when people feel respected.

Allow Forgiveness

Along with misunderstandings, you must be willing to forgive the mistakes made in the relationship. No person is perfect, and we all make mistakes, the way we prove our sense of character is how we deal with the consequences.

By forgiving your partner for any misgivings, you will show how you value your partner and will be able to focus on the future instead of the past.

The last thing you want is resentment in your relationship, either on your part for not accepting and forgiving or on the side of your partner for not being forgiven.

Forgiveness does not just mean that you need to work on any wrong doing you feel your partner has done to you. Forgiveness also means self-forgiveness as the vast majority of people are beating themselves up for things they have done in the past and they don’t even realise it. This self-destructive and negative attitude towards oneself will not only lower self-esteem, it will also be a huge drain of your energy over time make you ill and it can also negatively effect your relationship with your partner.