How To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

a couple being affectionate with each otherImproving the quality of your relationship is a life-long commitment and takes consistency and effort. However, it should not feel like work. Rather, a relationship should be an enjoyable and pleasurable thing that the tow of you share. Of course, there will inevitably be difficult times in any relationship, but for the most part it should be a fruitful and rewarding experience that benefits and enriches both of your lives.

Experts agree that one of the most important aspects of a successful and healthy relationship is good, honest and open communication. Without this, relationship will be very difficult to navigate and will likely end up in disaster at some point along the line.

So, here in this article, we a re going to share with you a few sound tips you can apply to help improve the communication in your relationship with your partner.

Improving Relationship Communication – What You Can Do

Be mindful of what you share

This may sound a little bit strange since you likely speak openly with your partner. I encourage open communication. However, it is still important to be aware of what you are sharing. Are you constantly complaining about your day or work? Are you focusing on the negatives? Many of us inadvertently use our partners as a “dumping ground” for our problems because we turn to them for support.

I am not suggesting that you do not confide in your partner or discuss your concerns and tribulations, but I am suggesting that you become more aware of the nature of what you’re sharing. Allow your partner to support you and listen to what is on your mind, but then do your best to vent or share your thoughts and then move on to something more positive or at least less heavy if this is what is occurring.

Keep this simple concept in mind: If you are unhappy with something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. – When we continue to complain about things we can’t change or we refuse to change our thought processes on, it is easy to continue to complain about the same things, which becomes daunting for a partner to hear. Be aware of this.

Remember that silence is a good thing

Or at least it can be. You do not always have to be in conversation with your partner and in fact, it is better if you are not. Do not make the mistake of feeling like you have to fill in the “awkward silence” with unnecessary thoughts and words just to fill the void. Work on becoming comfortable with silence. This actually shows that you are comfortable both with yourself and with the relationship.

Focus on positives, ideas, and interests and NOT on gossip

When we get caught up in talking about people or gossip we are opening up the door for negativity to enter into the relationship. Try to limit conversations revolving around people and gossip, but instead focus on the topics of ideas that interest you and the positive points to share.

Sharing common interests is a huge benefit to any relationship and gives two people a lot of interesting things to talk about that they both find exciting. You may also wish to talk about the positive aspects of your day, what made you feel good, what made you smile and what made you laugh. If there was something particularly funny that happened during your day then it’s a great thing to share with your partner as it will likely bring a shared smile to both of your faces. Moments like these can help to deepen the connection and bond that you feel with your partner.

Negativity is a known culprit to drive many couples away. No one likes to feel negative, however, like the common cold, negativity can be contagious. Even the most positive person can find themselves becoming worn down by negativity over time if they are living with someone who is constantly negative and critical. This can be a big killer of relationships for many. If you have recently suffered a breakup but you are trying to find ways to make things right and get back together with your partner then the American Dating Society has lots of good information to help you. You may want to start with this article about getting him back after a breakup.

Disconnect from your phone and devices

In order to connect with your partner, it is imperative to disconnect from your devices while you are engaged in active conversation. Even if you are only communicating about smaller tasks, this time is crucial because the smaller topics will help you build skills for conversing about the bigger ones.

Communication is a two-way street that involves our words, thoughts, energy, and our body language. In order to improve communication in any capacity, we must take a look at ourselves to understand our patterns and how we can make improvements to be a better communicator – whether that’s through shifting the topics we focus on, putting in conscious effort to focus more on positives, being aware of our body language, or working toward being an active listener.

I’m sure you can remember a time, or maybe even several times where you were trying to communicate with someone, but they kept checking their phone. Although they may not have meant to disrespect you in that moment, it is extremely rude and you probably felt like they didn’t care about having a conversation with you. Many people nowadays have an addiction to their phones and social media, which is actually rather sad. This addiction is causing more and more people to be less and less present in the moment, inhibiting them to have meaningful connections with others and causing them to miss life in general. Next time you are with your partner and the two of you are having a conversation and you feel that urge to check your phone, just stop, and remember how it made you feel when someone did this to you and what unconscious message that sent to you at that time. This is will a difficult habit to break, but over time and with a little effort and consistency you can break this negative habit and start to have more meaningful connections with your spouse again.

If you follow the steps above you will embark on a path of improving your communication skills.

If you are still feeling a little daunted about improving the area of your relationship, then watch this great video on other skills you need to help improve your relationship as well as great communication skills.

A Guide To Building A Happy Relationship With Your Partner

a couple giving each other a hugAll people, no matter who they are,  yearn for love and to be appreciated by their significant other. It is a primary and basic human need that we need love and affection in order to thrive and live a happy, healthy and more meaningful life. For instance, there is now a lot of evidence that suggests that people who are in love are actually physically and mentally more healthy, according to this article. However, for the romantic relationship to be a successful one, it is important that both parties are fully involved in supporting each other and nurturing the relationship now and down through the years.

Unlike couples in the silly reality TV shows or in the romance novels, a happy relationship does not happen just like that, it requires work on both parts in order for it to be fruitful and successful. People need to devote themselves to the relationship and make an effort to overcome any challenges that may be experienced. This article will act as a guide on how to build a happy, healthy and more fulfilling relationship for you and your partner over the long-term.

Spend Time With Your Partner

The first step to building a happy romantic relationship is creating and spending good, quality time together. Unfortunately, long-term romantic couples will often take each other for granted as time passes and not spend much time together due to busy schedules. This is very sad as the couple can then start to easily drift apart over time, although they remain together for the kids, for security or just because they don’t know what else to do.

To show that you are still interested in each other, it is vital that you make plans to spend evenings or weekends together and reconnect improving the strength of your bond. Removing busy schedules and paying attention to your partner can do wonders to show a renewed level of commitment to each other and to the relationship.

Just Be Yourself

This may sound like an obvious statement, but one of the best ways to build a happy relationship with a partner is to be you around that person. The majority of romantic relationships that fail are ones where people are attempting to please the other person and act in a ‘false‘ way. You cannot keep up a pretence forever, and the sooner the person notices your true character, the easier it will be to deal with relationship issues. Furthermore, being yourself will bring a sense of confidence and calm into the relationship allowing you to focus on the romance side of things.

a couple connecting in the park

Talk About Disagreements

Misunderstandings are common in all types of relationships, and they are, oddly enough, what keeps a relationship healthy. Of course, it is only healthy if you speak to each other about the misunderstanding and respect each other’s differences in the situation.

Do not expect your partner to agree with you on all issues but be committed to listening to their opinion and see things from their point of view. This will help your partner feel valued, loved and respected; which will, in turn, result in a feeling of mutual respect for you too. Romantic relationships are happier when people feel respected.

Allow Forgiveness

Along with misunderstandings, you must be willing to forgive the mistakes made in the relationship. No person is perfect, and we all make mistakes, the way we prove our sense of character is how we deal with the consequences.

By forgiving your partner for any misgivings, you will show how you value your partner and will be able to focus on the future instead of the past.

The last thing you want is resentment in your relationship, either on your part for not accepting and forgiving or on the side of your partner for not being forgiven.

Forgiveness does not just mean that you need to work on any wrong doing you feel your partner has done to you. Forgiveness also means self-forgiveness as the vast majority of people are beating themselves up for things they have done in the past and they don’t even realise it. This self-destructive and negative attitude towards oneself will not only lower self-esteem, it will also be a huge drain of your energy over time make you ill and it can also negatively effect your relationship with your partner.

Five Ways To Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship

a man and a woman cuddling and being romantic in a relationshipIf you’ve been hearing all too much from people around you and in the media that true romance doesn’t last, you may have by now started to believe this. Sadly, for many, this is true. However, it doesn’t actually need to be like this. With the right help, guidance and care and attention you can help to bring the romance back into your life.

This seems to be a very common belief for many when it comes to love in the 21st century. Many people face struggling relationships doomed to the manotony of a boring and unfulfilling connection. The question is, how do you avoid losing a long-term partner and landing up in this love limbo? Well, we really wouldn’t be much of a relationship blog if we didn’t cover this topic, so here are five different ways you, as a woman, can bring romance back into your relationship.

Five Great Ways Bring The Romance Back

Be Attentive To One Another

The best method of reigniting the relationship is to pay more attention to your husband or boyfriend. This does not mean you should go to a special dinner, but rather pay attention to their needs and avoid only talking about topics like work or children. Reconnecting is important, and giving your partner attention is a great way to start moving towards that reconnection.

Understanding what your man wants from the relationship is an important place to start. However, you also need to be clear on what you want to. Once you have this clarity the two of you should be able to find a way to meet in the middle to make a more harmonious relationship between the two of you.

Get Flirting Girl!

Contrary to popular belief, flirting is not only for single people looking to hook up with another person. Flirting is, in fact, a highly important part of any romantic relationship because it can promote sexual interest between you and your partner.

You want to know that your partner still finds you attractive, and this is the best way of doing so. Besides, a sexy smile here and there, an ambiguous sexy gesture or a hand on the knee can make them feel desirable and may lead to a romp in the bedroom – always welcome!

For more tips and ideas about how to flirt with a long-term partner, see this article in

Have Plenty of Sex

A common complaint from couples in long-term relationships is the waning sex life. Regardless of the reasons why the sexual aspect of the relationship has faded (kids, work, whatever); the fact is that a sex life is important and needs to be maintained. One of the best ways to bring romance back into your life is increasing the amount of sex being had. This doesn’t mean you need to ‘do it’ constantly, but more would be beneficial. Also, sex releases endorphins, so you will be happier on an overall level.

There are many things you can bring into your sex life with your partner to spark that flame of romance again. If you’re wanting some specific ideas then here is a great article with some fantastic tips.

Plan Date Nights

Have you heard of ‘date night‘? It may seem corny, and something only older couples do when desperate; however, planning dates can be useful if you have a busy schedule.

When you first met your partner, the chances are you used to enjoy dates so why did that end? Planning a fun evening out will allow you to connect and get to know each other again bringing romance back into the relationship.

Surprise One Another

The final way to bring romance into a relationship is by surprising each other. A little surprise now and then shows that you are thinking of your partner and willing to make an effort on their behalf. This does not mean you must plan a full weekend away, cooking their favorite meal or buying them a pair of socks can be a fun form of attention.

Over time it is the little gestures that add up and really show the other person that you care. Take the time to think of new and interesting ways to do something nice for your partner. The internet is also full of great ideas that you can do to make your partner feel special and wanted.

If you are still needing some more ideas then here are some extra tips you can use in the video below.

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